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Buba is located in Guinea-Bissau
Location in Guinea-Bissau
Coordinates: 11°35′N 15°00′W
Country Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg Guinea-Bissau
Region Quinara Region
Population (2008 (est))
 • Total 6,815

Buba is the largest city in southern Guinea-Bissau, lying on the Rio Grande de Buba, near the Contanhez National Park. Population 6,815 (2008 est). ([1])

It is also a seaport and is the capital of the Quinara Region. Former President of Guinea-Bissau Kumba Yala planned moving the nation's capital city to Buba, but since his removal, this plan seems unlikely to proceed.

The Portuguese constructed an army camp in Buba, which shortly after independence was used as headquarters for a Dutch Foreign Aid Project aimed at providing the villages of Quinara and Tombali with safe drinking water. The construction of a plywood factory through Swedish Foreign Aid in 1982 boosted the economy and growth of Buba, as it installed a steam engine which produced enough electricity to supply the whole town.[citation needed]

Buba can also refer to a type of Nigerian fabric, or to the Deutsche Bundesbank([2])


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